Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stimulated Creativity

I have been fortunate lately to have sold a few paintings. These sales have greatly affected my creative energy.
As an artist I need the drive to paint and the drive comes from being appreciated as an artist and what I create.
Having said this I know that I need to surpass what I have done in the past. This can become a hurdle to create
more art. I see this as an opportunity to let things happen to my art, somewhat like Zen.
The ability is there I just need to let it manifest through my art.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Season of workshops

     The weather breaks and I start looking forward to watercolor workshops, having a couple of my own and doing a couple of Fred Graff's. Fred is a terrific artist, and coupled with his teaching methods, it makes for a rewarding experience. He does many around the country, and he will be coming to Walnut Creek Ohio this fall to teach a workshop in Amish Country. If you are interested check out his website . 
  The weather here in Holmes County in the fall always promises to